Can I just come to the class on the day to try it?

Yes, though it’s better to contact me to make sure there is a space, as some classes are nearly full. If you want to come to the class at short notice then the best way to contact me is on my mobile – 07886 473 917.

What should I bring or wear to the class?

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, ideally made of natural fibres. During winter months, please bring an extra garment as the hall may take a little time to heat up. You can also bring something comfortable for relaxation: warm socks, an extra blanket or an eye pillow.

Do you provide yoga mats and props?

Yes, I have yoga mats, blankets, blocks and belts available. Of course you are welcome to bring your own.

I am new to yoga, can I still join the class? Will I be able to cope with the postures? I don’t want to slow down the more able students in the class.

Yes, you can join the class. We are learning the principles of movement and breathing through postures (asanas) so, you can start from where you are. I offer a variety of ways to approach each posture, so you can choose what is appropriate for you at a given time. Gradually, your understanding will improve and the body/mind will be able engage at a deeper level.

My approach to yoga is to re-educate our mind and nervous system through movement and breath and to enable us to let go of many layers of tension. The deeper you go, the subtler the layers become. Then we can re-discover how to move and live with less effort and conflict.

It may also be a good idea to have a one-to-one class, so I can help you with understanding and embodying some of the principles of breath and movement. I offer a discount on one-to-one classes to my regular students.

I have specific health conditions and am not sure if some postures could be harmful. I am afraid I will not be able to keep up with the rest of the class.

Please talk to me about your health conditions and then we can decide if practicing in a class is suitable for you. You may benefit more from one-to-one sessions.

Are there any contraindications to yoga?

It really depends on your level of body awareness and if you practised yoga before you developed the condition. Yoga is a powerful therapy and can help to heal most conditions from a bad back to high blood pressure, infertility to prolapsed discs. However if you have a specific condition, one-to-one sessions will be your best option, where postures and practises are specifically chosen to help your condition and I can safely monitor your practice. As a rule, I will not recommend you come to a general yoga class if you:

have a fever

have acute pain or inflammation

your blood pressure is too high or too low*

your are pregnant and in your first trimester

have a cold or a cough and may still be contagious

*You may still be able to do some postures with caution.

Can my daughter or son join the class?

I always encourage families to practise yoga together. If your children are 14 and older, they can come along to the class. I would suggest that younger children attend special children’s yoga classes. In these classes teachers use specific postures, activities and language that children can understand.

For more information please contact Irina on 01273 241 204, 07886 473 917 or email –






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