Pregnancy yoga


Yoga can prepare the expectant mother for child birth by relaxing and softening the pelvic area. It can also help to release backache – which is common during pregnancy – and improve breathing. The class creates a safe and supportive space for the mother to relax and to connect with the baby. It can calm the mind and reduce anxiety. Generally it is safe to start a class after your first trimester.
I am a mother myself and have a boy who is now 22 months old. I practised yoga throughout all stages of my pregnancy and can’t even imagine how I would have managed without it!
Yoga is excellent practice after giving birth. It can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help to align the spine.

Please contact me to find out about the laterst pregnancy classes.

I can also offer one to one yoga sessions at your home or at my private yoga studio in Patcham.

I also offer Thai Yoga massage which is extremely beneficial for mothers before and after giving birth. Please read more on my Thai massage web-page.